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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Menghe Clinic is a premier resource for acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy & rehabilitation, and herbal remedies. Our clinic is a 3,000 sq. ft. multidisciplinary holistic health and fitness facility focused on self-healing through a mind-body-spirit perspective. We partner with Salus Concepts Physical Therapy & Personal Training, and other healthcare specialists to implement a personalized program that delivers results. With bright and handcrafted wooden decors, the common areas are designed with warm and welcoming elements to redefine doctor visits. Come enjoy a cup of herbal tea, relax in our treatment room, or hang out with our fabulous fitness trainers in the gym!

Dr. Harry Ding

Principal Practitioner

Dr. Ding Zuohong has a doctoral and masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also a licensed acupuncturist in California and Florida. From a young age, Dr. Zuohong Ding studied Chinese medicine with his father Ding Yie, and was the disciple of two famous teachers of Menghe, Dr. Xi Dezhi and Dr. You Yiren. He came to the United States in 2013 and followed Dr. Leon Hammer and his disciples to learn Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis. He later worked for Professor Zhu Mingqing and his disciples to learn Zhu’s scalp acupuncture. Dr. Ding Zuohong is committed to promoting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine in the United States and furthering the traditions of the Menghe School of Medicine. He established ECO Center for Wellness & Education, a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the mission to provide affordable Chinese medicine treatment and health education courses. Dr. Zuohong Ding is also faculty of the Five Branches University, teaching graduate coursework in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridian Theory, History and Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, California Licensing Examination and NCCAOM Licensing examination review courses.


“I was born into a family of Chinese doctors and started learning herbs with my father at the age of 13. My first 20 years of residency was with China’s most renowned TCM doctors that provided me with a strong foundation in both herbology and acupuncture. As I approach my 10th anniversary in the U.S., I am more motivated than ever, to introduce an integrative approach towards holistic living.” -Dr. Harry Ding

Dr. Yie Ding

Specialist Consultant

Dr. Ding Yi’e is the fourth-generation grandson of Dr. Ding Ganren and a grduate of Beijing Medical College. He learned alongside his father, Dr. Ding Jimin at the Longhua Hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he later assumed the title of Professor and Chief Physician of Internal Medicine. As a direct descendant of the Menghe-Ding medical lineage, Dr. Ding Yie’s treatment style captures every essence of the Menghe-Ding School of Medicine. In order to promote Chinese medicine to the world, Dr. Ding Yie has cooperated in exchanges and lectures in Germany and the United States. Currently, Dr. Ding Yie is the vice president of Changzhou Menghe Medical School Inheritance Society and continues to play an active role in shaping the educational landscape of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Internationally, Dr. Ding Yie is a visiting professor of Florida Atlantic College of Chinese Medicine and doctoral supervisor of Five Branches University in California.

Dr. Yuefeng Hu

L.Ac, DAOM, Specialist Consultant

Professor Yuefen Hu is a famous TCM doctor in China and the U.S. specializing in women’s health and fertility. She obtained her graduate degree in TCM from American Chinese Culture and Medicine College in 1999, then in the same year obtained an acupuncture license to practice in San Jose, California. Professor Hu went on to receive her doctorate in Oriental Medicine from Southern California University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and from the Five Branches University. She is currently a doctoral supervisor, clinic manager and career planning advisor at the Five Branches University.

Thomas Wang

Clinic Intern

A graduate of Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in San Jose, Thomas hopes to use traditional Chinese medicine as an effective and safe tool to treat his patients. Thomas hopes to be a resource for his patients so that they are able to make informed choices regarding their health and wellness.

“I hope your experiences here at Menghe Wellness are positive and result-driven. Be well and stay healthy!”