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Did you know acupuncture can treat autism? Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disorder of brain neural development. Autistic patients can develop significant impaired social interaction, verbal communication delay and behavioral disorder. Scalp acupuncture, also known as neuro-acupuncture, can improve autistic patients in the area of emotional and behavioral function. When combined with ABA and behavioral therapy, the results are further optimized. Dr. Harry learned and acquired this specialty acupuncture skill first-hand from Dr. Mingqing Zhu, a world renowned scalp acupuncture specialist, whose treatment method is inserting special acupuncture needles into loose areolar tissue layer of the scalp to stimulate the brain neuro

Did you know that US is one of the countries with the lowest TB case rates in the world? Still, there are many people who suffer from TB disease and use Traditional Chinese Medicine to seek relief and cure. Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by a bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis that usually attack the lungs